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We present you below a few of the most important characteristics of the project:


The total area of the land is 917,22 square meters


Sc=164,00 square metre x2=324,00 square meter, Sd=328,00 square meter x 2=656,00 square meters, P.O.T.=36 %, C.U.T.= 0,76.


The ground floor- ( quota + 0.00) includes:

Hall - Access stairs - Kitchen - Living + Dinning - Bathroom


The vertical connection is made through the stairs placed in the hotel area. The bathroom and the technical point will be naturally ventilated.

The first floor – ( +2.75 )  includes:


The access stairs – The matrimonial bedroom + dressing – bathroom –bedroom – bedroom – bathroom – balconies

The structure:


  • The foundations are continues from concrete with the base from reinforced concrete
  • The  toughness structure is made of lift brick laying enclosed by pillars and reinforced concrete beam
  •  The floor and the access stairs are made of reinforced concrete
  • The pillars, the beams and the exterior walls are made of 30 cm thickness POROTHERM bricks 
  • The compartmenting walls are made of 15-25 cm thickness POROTHERM bricks
  • The roof is of circulating platform type



The installations afferent to the construction:


  • The   drinkable water supply  is made from a drilled well of medium depth
  • The used water is distributed to the connection hearth of the ecological septic tanks
  • The pluvial water is taken up through ditches and  pipes
  • The feeding with electric power will be performed from the public network
  • THE HEATING – is made with SEVSON and Samoa aluminum radiators that work with 90/70 C hot water, the source is a Hermann EURA model 32SE mural micro-powerhouse with an useful duty of 2360 kw, the micro-powerhouse works on natural gases, having  sealed combustion chamber, the evacuation of the exhaust gases and the inflow of the air needed for the combustion is forcedly made through a 100/60 coaxial kit, which is eliminated directly, a funnel not being necessary. The combustion is electronically controlled eliminating the noxes emissions. The micro-powerhouse ensures both the heating and the preparation of hot water.   





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